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Application for Excavation Permit


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  • Step One

    1. Application must be obtained by the person or company performing the excavation work. Proof of public liability insurance must be provided before the permit is issued.
    2. The undersigned agrees to the following stipulations: That the permit is for the above described work and is not transferable. To comply with all the laws and ordinances of the City of Litchfield and of the State of Illinois, and to make proper and guarded excavations and to be responsible for and pay all damages that may arise from such work. To use only materials in the installation of water or sewer service mains that are approved by the Street Superintendent. Have reviewed the City of Litchfield Water Service Policy and the City of Litchfield Sewer Service Policy both having been revised May, 2018, which are attached to this document, and agree to comply with all terms and conditions.
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