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Tourism Marketing Grant


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    1. I. Purpose

      The purpose of the City of Litchfield Cooperative Tourism Grant Program is to assist groups, organizations, and non-profits by providing matching grants to help fund promotional projects that attract visitors from beyond a 50-mile radius and increase the economic impact of tourism in the City of Litchfield, Illinois. 

      II. Intent

      The intent of the Tourism Marketing Grant Program is to provide matching grants to help fund promotional projects that: 

      • Provide events, programs, and activities that would attract visitors from beyond a 50-mile radius from the City of Litchfield, Illinois;
      • Increase overnight stays in Litchfield, Illinois; 
      • Promote a positive image and increased visibility of the City’s attractions; 
      • Increase expenditures by visitors in the City of Litchfield. 

      The maximum grant amount for any one Grantee in a fiscal year will be $1,000. These grants will be awarded to organizations and others engaged in the promotion of a tourist-related special event or attraction. Grant approval is contingent on a recommendation by the Tourism Advisory Committee and approval by the Litchfield City Council. 

      III. Application Procedures

      Any group or organization defined as a not-for-profit may apply for a tourism grant according to the following guidelines: 

      • Grants must be used for promoting, advertising, or marketing, designed to increase visitor attendance, from beyond a 50-mile radius from the City of Litchfield, to the event or activity, and in turn increase occupancy rates in the Litchfield hotels, motels, and facilities. This may include some internet or web based initiatives. 
      • All advertising/promotional designs must be submitted to the Tourism Coordinator for approval. 
      • All advertising/promotional material must include “Proudly Supported By” and the Litchfield Tourism logo. The logo will be supplied by the Litchfield Tourism Office along with branding guidelines. The Tourism logo must be on all advertising/promotional materials. If there is limited space, the logo does not need to include the lead phrase.Revised 08-18 2 
      • Priority will be given to the application and marketing materials if a similar phrase to, “Over 300 hotel rooms available in Litchfield” is used on the advertisements and materials. 
      • Priority will be given to projects that promote to visitors from beyond a 50-mile radius to the City of Litchfield. 
      • Projects should promote the City of Litchfield as a visitor or group destination emphasizing lodging, dining, shopping, accommodations and attractions. 
      • Funding is not available for any administrative, clerical, or production needs or as a supplement to normal operating costs. 
      • Projects must be tourism-related and will be granted only on the basis they will enhance tourism in the City of Litchfield. 

      IV. Funding Limitation/Percentage of Grant Awards

      Eligible projects will be evaluated and funded according to the following percentages: 

      • Up to 60% of the total project cost may be funded for first time marketing activities that have the ability to generate additional visitation and generate overnight stays. 
      • After the first time, up to 40% of the total advertising and promotional material may be funded for approved projects attracting tourists from beyond a 50-mile radius from the City of Litchfield and generating overnight stays. 
      • Priority will be given to first-time applicants. 

      V. Application Deadlines

      Applications under this program are accepted twice a year with the deadlines of: January 31 and June 30 of each year. The maximum amount of the award each year is $1,000. The application will be presented to the Tourism Advisory Committee and a recommendation will be presented to Litchfield City Council for final approval. Applicants will be notified by the Litchfield Tourism Coordinator within 60 days of review of the approval or denial of their request. 

      Applicants must adhere to the guidelines above and the grant procedures as follows: 

      • Complete and send in the enclosed Cooperative Tourism Grant application. All information must be completed. Additional pages may be attached as needed. Applications must be received no later than the following deadlines: January 31 and June 30. Failure to meet the intended deadline will result in a disqualification of the application.

      VI. Disbursement of Grant Funds 

      Grant funding will be reimbursed to the grantee upon receipt by the City of Litchfield Tourism Coordinator the following: 

      • Copies of original vendor invoices showing the actual costs incurred and obligated by the grantee and proof of performance (i.e. Print tear sheets from Newspapers & magazine ads, copies of brochures, photo of billboards, copies of video tape or audio tape, etc.) 
      • Once the project is completed, the required payment documentation must be submitted within 90 days from the date of completion of the event. 

      Applications should be mailed to: 

      City of Litchfield, Tourism Coordinator
      120 East Ryder Street
      Litchfield, IL 62056

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