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Special Events Liquor License Permit


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. To Be Completed by City Clerk's Office
  3. 3. To Be Completed by Police Chief
  4. 4. To Be Completed by Liquor Commissioner
  • Step One

    1. The undersigned, requests a "Special Events Liquor License Permit" for the purpose of hosting a special event to be held at the location listed. This request is made pursuant to Ordinance Number 3112 of the City of Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois. The details of the request for a "Special Events Liquor License Permit" are as follows:
    2. Information of civic, service, charitable or other not-for-profit organization, current liquor license holder or any person who qualifies for Permit for a special event liquor license, including, but not limited to, wedding parties, employer customer relation events or at openings and the like.
    3. Applicant has read Ordinance Number 3112 and will follow instructions?
    4. Name
      Permit Fee
    5. Price
    6. Name
      Security Deposit
    7. Price