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Parades, Marches, Demonstrations & Assemblies Permit


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    1. Parades, Marches, Demonstrations, and Assemblies

      Permit Required: A permit is required for all parades, marches, demonstrations, and assemblies on the public right of way of the City.

    2. Sponsor Information
    3. Please Note
      It is required that the sponsor of any such event apply in writing to the Mayor, at least 60 days before such event, for review and consideration. A Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Litchfield as an additional insured must be attached to the application for commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, and worker's compensation coverage for all employees of the sponsoring organization must be provided as well.
    4. Please attach a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Litchfield as additional insured.
    5. Event Specifics
    6. This includes the assembly area and where the crowd will disperse.
    7. Will the sponsor provide cleanup if needed?
      If animals, such as horses or dogs are in a parade/assembly, clean-up of animal waste must be done as soon as possible.
    8. Weather Considerations
    9. City Services
    10. Equipment such as barricades, etc.
    11. Please indicate specific requests and if an extra duty contract is needed for officers other than those currently on duty and available based on current operations.
    12. Please Note
      A cost for services provided by the City Hall will be charged if additional staffing is required. Any City equipment damaged or stolen during the event, is to be replaced at the expense of the organization receiving the permit. Approving this assembly permit does not give anyone permission to go into a street to transact business (sell items/ask for a donation). All activity is done at the applicant's risk. When the applicant is hosting a parade/assembly/running event, the City cannot guarantee that the road will be free of any emergency repair. Priority will be given to city needs first.
    13. I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions listed. If any changes to the application need to be made, notice will be provided to the City no less than 72 hours before the event.