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Hotel/Motel Operators Occupation Tax Return

  1. Please complete this return on or before the last day of each calendar month, for the reporting period of the preceding calendar month, per City Ordinance 3359. The tax is then due on or before the 15th of the next month. Please provide a copy of your State of Illinois Department of Revenue Hotel Operator's Occupation Tax Return with this form. Please remit to:

    City of Litchfield
    120 E Ryder Street
    Litchfield, IL 62056

  2. Filing Month
  3. Total Gross Receipts from rental of rooms exclusion of any tax

  4. Receipts from  rooms rented to permanent residents of the establishment

  5. Multiply taxable receipts by .04

  6. as per Ordinance 3359, Section I and J 

    (1.5% for each month or part of month)

    ($10 per day penalty for each day tax return is late)

  7. Under penalty, as provided by law, I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and to the best of my knowledge and believe, it is true, correct and taken from the books and records of the business for which this is filed.

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