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Zoning Variance Application

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Are the owners of the referenced real estate other than the applicant named above?
  3. Is this joint tenancy?
  4. Is applicant or owner incorporated?*
  5. Is this for a business applicant?*
  6. Is this a partnership or voluntary association syndicate?*
  7. List the legal representative (licenses to practice law in the State of Illinois) of applicant (if any).
  8. What is the legal address and postal address of the real estate named in the application for a zoning variance?
  9. Has this matter been presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals or Planning Commission before?
  10. Are there any zoning requirements or other regulations that are currently or will be presented to another board, commission or agency etc. that may affect your request that is being presented before the Zoning Board of Appeals?
  11. Does the proposed variance result in great practical difficulties or hardship to the applicant?
  12. This is not a mere inconvenience?
  13. Is the plight of the applicant due to peculiar circumstances, not of his or her own making?
  14. Is a mobile home or other existing structure involved in the request?
    If yes, mobile home or structure must be inspected by the Building Inspector.
  15. Mobile Homes must conform to the standards in Illinois Mobile Home Safety Act. No mobile home shall hereafter be brought into this municipality unless said home conforms to the construction safety standards adopted by the State of Illinois in the Mobile Home Safety Act, Ch. 67 1/2 Ill. Rev. Statue, 501-515/1. (Now 430 ILCS 115/1 vi sec) The Illinois Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home Safety Act went into effect July 1, 1974, and mobile homes manufactured before that date do not comply with its provisions.
  16. If there will be new construction, has the Building Inspector of the City of Litchfield been issued copies of the planned construction?
    An inspection by the City Building Inspector of the property named in the application will be required.
  17. The real estate named in the application for zoning change must be properly posted according to Ordinance of the City of Litchfield.
  18. Real estate must be posted; public notice must be published 1 time, not more than (30) days nor less than (15) days prior to the public hearing of the Planning Commission. Petitioner must purchase from the City Clerk a minimum of two public notification posters concerning the application; one to be posted at City Hall and the other on the property for which the zoning change is being requested.

  19. An inspection fee and a filing fee of $110.00 will be required with the return of this application to the Office of the City Clerk, City of Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois.
  20. Name
    Inspection & Filing Fee
  21. Price
  22. Petitioners may want to prepare maps, drawings, and plans or use photographs in presenting the application to the Planning Commission.
  23. Signatures of neighboring property owners may be presented at the hearing, and should be presented for signature as follows:
  24. Signatures must include property owners of property on all four sides: North, South, East and West, of the block on which the property is located, as well as the signatures of all property owners on the opposite side of the street immediately facing said property. Other signatures from the area are acceptable as well.

    "I have no objections to the City of Litchfield granting the variance as requested above."

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