Parks & Facilities

Whether you're looking for a place to hold a game or event or just somewhere to sit down with friends and family and have a picnic, Litchfield has several parks and facilities that are perfect for various occasions.

For more information about our Park District, call 217-324-9075.

  1. Walton Park
  2. Echlin Park
  3. Madison Park
  4. Schalk Field
  5. Plummer Park
  6. Davis Park
  7. Carnegie Building and Park
  8. Litchfield Community and Senior Citizen's Center

Historic Walton Park located at the south edge of Litchfield was the home of the first 1905 Chautauqua with plenty of activities, including speeches by William Jennings Bryan and Carrie Nation.  

Lake Litchfield, as it was first known, was filled in 1863 and is still considered a major reservoir by the Department of Conservation. 

Amenities for Your Visit

Picnic tables, playground areas, horseshoe pits, and a pavilion with a fireplace make this peaceful serene area a great place for a family gathering.  

Fun on the Lake

The Lake allows only canoes, rowboats and boats with trolling motors.  Visit one of the County’s most beautiful sites and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing, picnicking, and family fun.

Come Play Disc Golf

Litchfield has a beautiful 9-hole golf course located at Walton Park. The disc golf course holes vary in length between 150 and 300 feet with trees, shrubbery, water, and terrain changes that offer plenty of hazards to avoid.  

The object of the game is to throw a golf disc into each “pole hole” basket in the fewest number of throws. The player begins by driving from a designated tee area and continues toward the basket throwing each consecutive shot from the spot where the throw landed. A scoring “putt” sends the disc into the target.