Tree Removal

While trees can add beauty and shade to the environment, there are times when their presence is unwanted or unhealthy for the surroundings. 

Residents can apply for a tree to be removed from City property. The application will be reviewed by the Streets Superintendent and the Tree Board. An inspection of the tree will be made, and a determination of removal will be made based on the findings. 

  • The City of Litchfield does not remove living trees from the boulevard without extenuating circumstances.
  • Dead, dying, or diseased trees will be put on a list to be removed in late Fall or Winter. 
  • Trees determined to be an immediate threat will be handled as soon as possible.

Submit Your Application

Complete our online form for tree removal. Make sure to choose the form that corresponds with where the tree is located.

Holiday Tree Pickup

Holiday trees can make the season special, but we understand that they can be a hassle to dispose of. Public Works offers Holiday Tree Pickup Services once the holidays are over.