We understand that location and accessibility to your product can make a big difference in your business' success.

Litchfield is the most accessible and strategic commercial and industrial location between the St. Louis metropolitan area and Springfield, Illinois for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution/logistics
  • Processing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality businesses

Transportation Accessibility

Interstate 55 and Illinois Route 16 intersect at our industrial parks and commercial districts, providing direct transportation access and connections to all major U.S. markets. In addition, the Norfolk Southern and BNSF freight railroad serves one of three industrial parks and provides direct rail service to Chicago, St. Louis, and other major rail centers. Access to this multi-modal transportation network and our proximity to two metropolitan areas put businesses in Litchfield within easy reach of regional markets and national connections.

Regional Influence & Incentives

We are truly a crossroads of opportunity with regional influence. Litchfield offers an affordable environment for businesses that want to easily access the large number of end users, consumers, transportation links, and potential visitors found in large markets. Our business and industrial parks have land and production facilities available that compare favorably in every measure to our competitors in the nearby metropolitan areas. In addition, our business tax rate is highly competitive, and our utilities are cost-effective compared to the larger markets we serve.

Valuable Location

Litchfield's location, size, and immediate proximity to two large metropolitan areas equate to an exceptional value for businesses, a value backed by a quality community with a strong educational system and an established workforce. Our new and expanding retail developments include the growing presence of national brands that continue to attract additional traffic every year. Our municipal airport features a 4,000-foot runway with facilities to serve corporate and private aviation.