Annual Fire Inspections for Businesses

Annual fire inspections are a key step in fire prevention for your business is to make sure everything is up to code.

Fire Protection

If you're interested in the department's Fire Protection Service, please fill out our online agreement and form. A member of our staff will contact you with more details.


Type of BusinessAnnual Fee
Manufacturing plants employing 200 or more people$1,000 per year
Manufacturing plants employing less than 200 people$500 per year
Mobile home trailer parks and campgrounds open 12 months per year$1,000 per year
Mobile home trailer parks and campgrounds open seasonally$500 per year
Farm equipment dealers$500 per year
Bowling alleys$500 per year
Nursing homes$500 per year
Country clubs$280 per year
Civic non-for-profit clubs$50 per year
Residences$100 per year
Farms and outbuildings$160 per year
All other business premises$150 per year
All homes at Lake Lou Yaeger on lots hereafter sold by the City and all other existing homes upon transfer from the present owner$100 per year