Airport Authority

The Litchfield Airport Authority was established in 1954 under the Airport Authority’s Act. The Litchfield Airport Authority is a local government taxing body that manages the Litchfield Municipal Airport.  

How We Serve Our Residents

The Authority is responsible for administering and managing all operations at the airport. The Authority works with the Illinois Division of Aeronautics to make sure the airport is in compliance with all federal and local laws that govern airports. For more information, visit the Litchfield Airport webpage.

Members (5-Year Appointment)

The Authority is comprised of five commissioners.  Three are appointed by the City of Litchfield. Two are appointed by Montgomery County.

  • Ted Elizondo (expires May 2024)
  • Bill Fleming (County Appointed)
  • William Kinney (County Appointed)
  • Phil Sisson (expires May 2025)
  • James Wright (expires May 2026)