Economic Development Commission

How We Serve Our Residents

The goal of the Economic Development Commission (EDC) is to maintain economic health of the existing community and the promotion of industrial development, commercial business, retail, and other supporting services which will provide quality job opportunities, diversity and broaden the tax base in order to improve and provide community facilities, services, and amenities.

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Litchfield City Hall
120 E Ryder Street
Litchfield, IL 62056

Agendas & Minutes

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Members (4-Year Appointment)

  • Lonnie Bathurst (expires May 2025)
  • Tim Burenga (expires May 2024)
  • Ken Elmore (expires May 2023)
  • Dan Fleming (expires May 2024)
  • Mike Fleming (expires May 2025)
  • Tom Franzen (expires May 2022)
  • Lindsay Garner (expires May 2024)
  • Ron Norris (expires May 2023)
  • Paul Osborne (expires May 2024)
  • Kent Redfern (expires May 2025)
  • Bob Reid (expires May 2023)
  • Mark Stieren (expires May 2024)
  • Mike Treece (expires May 2023)


  • Frank Fleming