Zoning Board of Appeals

How We Serve Our Residents

The Zoning Board of Appeals is tasked with the following duties:

  • To hear appeals from any zoning-related decisions or orders made by the Building Inspector.
  • To review requests for lot size/bulk variances to ensure they meet standards.
  • To perform other duties recommended by the City Council.

Join Us for a Meeting

See Committee Meeting Dates (PDF)

Litchfield City Hall
120 E Ryder Street
Litchfield, IL 62056

Members (5-Year Appointments)

  • Judy Elizondo (expires May 2024)
  • Mike Elmore (expires May 2022)
  • Lori Gardner (expires May 2025
  • Mary Schmidt (expires May 2025)
  • Roy Simmermaker (expires May 2025)
  • Kent Wolff (expires May 2024)
  • Lisa Wright (expires May 2023)