It is the duty of the Litchfield Police Department to monitor and serve the community in order to keep the public safe.

The Litchfield Police Department, as an agency, dedicates itself to the service and protection of the citizens of Litchfield and the surrounding areas. We uphold this dedication through the personal, professional, thorough, courteous, and vigilant pursuit of justice. It is our goal to maintain a strong sense of community with our citizens, as we endeavor to provide the best law enforcement service possible, everyday.

How We Serve the Community

Officers in the Department operate on a 12-hour schedule providing maximum coverage of the City of Litchfield twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Dispatch services are provided by one Telecommunicator who operates Monday through Friday during business hours, during all other hours the Litchfield Police Department contracts dispatch services through the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.