Building & Zoning

Restoration Photo of a Main Street in Litchfield

Building A Better Community

A safe community is a thriving community. The Building Department doesn't just enforce building codes and regulations, it helps create better neighborhoods that are clean, maintained, and add to the value and charm of the Litchfield community. Whether shopping downtown, renovating your home, or constructing a new business, the strategic partnership of the Building and Zoning Department between you and the City helps protect families and investments.

How We Do it

The City Building and Zoning Department is one of the first lines of defense against unsafe conditions within the community. The Building and Zoning Department and Building Inspector accomplish this through robust services that support both residents and businesses which include:

  • Building code enforcement and regulation
  • Inspection and approval of new constructions and alterations within City limits
  • Review and approval of building plans
  • Issuing permits for residential, commercial, and industrial construction
  • Issuing sign permits for permanent and temporary signage
  • Working with unsafe buildings to meet all local ordinances 
  • Assisting the Zoning Board with the evaluation of variances and appeals
  • Providing the Planning Commission with information pertinent to subdividing parcels of property, zoning use changes, special use permits, large scale developments, and ordinance amendments
  • Public hearings and notices
  • Ordinance violations
  • Zoning map changes
  • Platt Officer (division of lands)