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Tornado Watches & Warnings - Know The Difference
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When severe weather is approaching, watches and warnings are issued to inform the public of impending threats. There is a distinct difference between a watch and a warning, and knowing the difference can save your life.

Watches are issued by the Storm Prediction Center. Warnings are issued by local National Weather Service stations.

A warning is issued when the weather event is happening now. A watch means atmospheric conditions are right for it to happen.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has already been detected. Chief Forecaster Elliot Abrams says, "A (tornado) warning means your life and property are in danger. When a warning is issued, move indoors, preferably to the basement. If no basement, interior rooms or the bath room can offer protection. The pipes add strength to the structure there."

Use of local television and radio are good sources of information during inclement weather; NOAA weather radios will give you constant weather information. Outdoor sirens are another warning source used within our community to alert citizens. The sirens are activated via a radio transmission from a local authority or Montgomery County 911.

Portions of this information were taken from an American Red Cross publication.


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