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ZBA Public Hearing 11.6.17
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7:00 PM

1. Call the Public Meeting to order.

2. Roll call of members.

Present Absent

Kent Wolff ______ ______

Roy Simmermaker ______ ______

Jeff Compton ______ ______

Mike Elmore ______ ______

Lori Gardner ______ ______

Lisa Wright ______ ______

Vacant ______ ______

3. Recognition of guests.

4. Consider a petition that has been filed requesting a variance for a School setback on west property line of approximately sixteen feet and north property line of approximately five feet. For the purpose of constructing new classrooms on the existing School.

5. Public comments related to Public Hearing.

6. Correspondence related to Public Hearing.

7. Exhibits are on file in the Building and Zoning Office.

8. A motion to adjourn the Public Hearing

Motion: ____________________

Second: _____________________

All in favor? Y/N

9. Public Hearing Adjourned.

Time: __________________



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