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Notice-Letter of Interest Electricity Aggregation
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October 3, 2013

Your firm is invited to submit a Letter of Interest to provide professional service for electricity aggregation. This invitation is being solicited by the City of Litchfield, Illinois. The objective is to hire a well-qualified, independent energy consultant to develop and implement an opt-out residential and small commercial electricity aggregation.

Your Letter of Interest should include the following:

1. Name of firm and address.
2. Provide information on the history, structure and business operation of your firm.
3. Name of person(s) to receive information, including mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
4. Personnel to be assigned to this project, including a one-page resume for each person, and indicate whether or not the individual was directly involved in the projects listed in Item 6.
5. A description of your firms experience in providing the following municipal electricity aggregation service.
Development of marketing programs
Development Aggregation Plan of Operations and Governance
Assistance with public hearings
Assistance with referendums
Preparation of bid specifications
Procurement of competitive bids
Contract negotiations and closing with selected supplier
Assistance in switching energy suppliers including preparation and management
of opt-out notices and scrubbing of eligibility customer lists
6. Examples of municipal aggregation projects your firm has completed. For example, indicate which of the services listed in item 5 were provided. For each example, indicate whether or not personnel proposed for the Citys project worked on these projects. Provide current contract information for the firms municipal aggregation examples.
7. Please indicate whether or not your firm is independent. If affiliated with an ARES please disclose your affiliation.
8. The City intends to have the electricity aggregation referendum on the March 18, 2014 ballot. Please indicate whether or not your firm is capable of meeting the Citys schedule.
9. Provide a summary describing your firms approach to designing and implementing an opt-out residential and small commercial municipal electricity aggregation program. Please be concise but specific and describe all steps. Provide time schedules for completing each step.

Your firms entire Letter of Interest shall be no longer than ten (10) pages. Five (5) complete copies of the Letter of Interest must be submitted. The Letter of Interest and all copies shall be submitted to the contact below no later than October 23, 2013.

Tonya Flannery
City Administrator
City of Litchfield
120 East Ryder
Litchfield, IL 62056

Phone: 217-324-8151

All questions shall be directed to the City Administrators office. Any answers to questions that may affect a firms submission, containing information not generally available to the public, will be sent to all firms to whom a request for Letter of Interest has been sent.

The City will review all submitted Letters of Interest and select firms who best meet the Citys requirement for an interview. Tentatively, we have scheduled interviews for late October at the Litchfield City Hall.

Tonya Flannery
City Administrator



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