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Rules and Regulations
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Bi-Centennial Campground

Camping spaces must be kept clear of all junk, garbage, and other offensive refuse.

No outside appliances such as washers, refrigerators, or freezers shall be permitted in the campground.

Storage buildings are not allowed.

No unattended open fires are permitted.

The lessee is responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests.

No toilet or gray water shall be discharged outside of the sanitary sewers.

All vehicles in the campground must be kept on the leased property. Excess or overflow vehicles must be parked in the parking lot.

All pets must be kept leashed or kenneled.

Vicious and/or noisy animals will not be permitted.

Rowdy, noisy, and or intoxicated persons will not be permitted in the campground.

Eleven (11) o'clock is quiet hour. No exceptions. Radios, tvs, and etc must be turned to a volume low enough so as not to disturb any neighbor.

Winter storage of campers shall be at a rate set by the Litchfield City Council and is payable on November 1 of each year. Winter storage shall be the months of November, December, January, February, and March. Refunds for winter storage shall be for unused full months only. If the camper is removed during winter storage and a refund is issued, the camper cannot be returned until April 1.

Seasonal Lake Front Camping

All seasonal lake front camping lease holders, on Lake Lou Yaeger must remove all camping trailers and all personal property from the leased property at the end of the camping season.

Camping season is from May 1 to November 1 of each year. The lease expires on November 1 of each year and the property reverts to the City of Litchfield.

Wooden tent pads will be permitted but must be kept in excellent condition. Tent pads need not be removed from the lot at the end of the season but tents must be removed.

Storage boxes are permitted but must be kept in excellent condition or removed from the lot at the end of the season. No personal property may be stored in the storage boxes after season and the boxes must be left unlocked.

Wooden docks, pads, storage boxes and other wooden accessories that are painted must be a shade of green, brown, or gray that is compatible with the surroundings. Wood may be left natural.

All junk, garbage, debris and other waste must be removed from the lot weekly.

Generators will be allowed on the lots but must be kept quiet enough as to not disturb your neighbor.

Lot number stakes must be erected by the lessee or the City will do it at a cost of $100.00 per lot.

The number must be of a size that can be seen 100 feet from the shoreline.

Boat docks must be repaired and in good usable condition. Any unused dock or pieces of dock must be removed from the lake.

Any structures, such as temporary cabins, frames for shade, patios or other structures must be removed from the lot at the end of the camping season.

Bright colored materials such as reds, yellows, or blues will not be permitted on the lots for any use.

Only one reasonably sized storage shed per lot will be permitted and must be in excellent condition and concealed from the public as much as possible or removed from the lot.

Old refrigerators or freezers will not be permitted for storage and any existing such boxes must be removed from the lot immediately.

Camping lots must be kept mowed and neat appearing. Grass 8 inch maximum height.

Tree cutting is by permission of the Lake Superintendent only. No defacement of earth permitted.

Lot locations are designated by the Lake Superintendent and cannot be sub-leased.

The lessee will be held responsible for the actions of their guests and/or visitors.

No off-road vehicles allowed on lake lots.

Quiet hour is 12 o'clock midnight. No exceptions.


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