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Building Official
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Building Official Gary Baker
120 East Ryder Street
Phone: (217) 324-8140
Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Building & Zoning Department

The Building Department enforces building codes and regulations adopted by the City in regards to inspecting and approving all construction and alterations within the City limits. The Building Department examines and approves building plans and then issues permits for the residential, commercial and industrial construction. The Department also enforces unsafe building compliance with all local ordinances to ensure health, safety, and welfare.

Building Official

The inspector's primary function is to insure everyone's safety by insisting that uniform codes and standards of the building industry are used in all construction and remodeling projects. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building codes are put into place so that everyone knows what the expected results of a project should be. Another function is to assist the Zoning Administrator and Zoning Board with its evaluation of use changes and special use permits on property/buildings within the City limits or within one and one half mile of the City limits. The Building Inspector also provides information to the Planning Commission in subdividing parcels of property. Click here to go to the Community section of our website and view a zoning map of the City of Litchfield.

Building Codes Adopted by the City of Litchfield:
2006 International Building Codes
Latest Edition (National Electric Code)
Latest Edition Illinois Plumbing Code
2009 International Energy Conservation Code
2006 National Fire Protection Agency 101
Local Ordinances & Codes
Illinois Accessibility/Americans with Disabilities Act

Building Permits are Required for the Following:

Inside Remodeling (Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, or Electrical Changes)

Outside Remodeling (Changing plot plan such as adding a shed, above ground swimming pool, decks, fences, ramps, window replacement,residential re-roofing, etc.)

Additions (Increasing the square footage of a building)

New Construction (Garages, carports, in ground swimming pools, outside wood burners, etc.)

New Construction (One or two family residential, commercial & industrial)

*Buildings exceeding 280 sq ft to be removed shall require a demolition permit.

Sign Permit Application

Building Permits are Not Required for the Following:

Inside remodeling (Painting, replacing cabinets, doors, plumbing fixtures, no structural changes)

Outside Remodeling (Painting, siding, storm windows, doors, etc.- no structural changes)

Building Permit Fee

Building Permit Fee will be determined by City Ordinance 2589 (A semi flat fee depending on the nature of the project) or by the International Building Code fee chart regulated by the type of construction factor and use group.

Building Permit Process

Most construction activity within the City limits of Litchfield must be preceeded by the issuance of a building permit. At the present time, small residential building projects requiring building permits are on a more personal basis. A simple building plan showing project construction, setbacks, contractor, etc. shall be supplied to the building inspector. More complex buildings require an application for a Building Permit be completed. Anyone requesting a permit can contact the Building Department at which time the permit and inspection process is explained. The property owner, contractor, or company is required to furnish the following information:

Applicant name, address and telephone number
Type of improvement
Location of construction
Legal descriptions of the property to be improved
List of general contractors and sub contractors involved.

Building and site plans must be submitted and approved. The more complex projects require detailed drawings and architect, engineer signatures and seals. There is about a two to three week plan review depending on the complexity of construction.

Site visits will be made to assure code compliance of each zoning district.

If everything is in compliance, the building permit fee is collected and the building permit is issued.

Inspections Certificate of Occupancy

After the issuing of a building permit, the code official shall conduct inspections periodically during and upon completion of the building structure. Before issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, a final inspection shall be made. After satisfactory completion of the works for which the permit was issued, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

Inspections will be made but not limited to the following:

Under Floor Plumbing
Rough Framing
Rough Wiring
Rough Plumbing
Re-roofing of residential

Zoning & Building Permit Applications available at the Building Inspector's Office, City Hall, 120 East Ryder Street. (217) 324-8140 or click here:

Link to PDF Petition for Variance/Zoning Amendment/Special Use


Click here to download the Building Permit Application


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