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Tourism Advisory Commission
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The Tourism Committee shall recommend to the City Council its opinions regarding tourism and the tourism program for the City of Litchfield. These opinions are to be considered advisory only, to be acted upon for approval by the City Council.

Notice is hereby given that the the meeting dates for the Tourism Advisory Committee of the City of Litchfield, Illinois during the calendar year 2016 will be as noted below. Each meeting will be held at Noon at the City of Litchfield Council Chambers unless otherwise posted.

Meeting Dates for 2016
January 13
February 10
March 9
April 13
May 11
June 8
July 13
August 10
September 14
October 12
November 9
December 14


Christa McGraw
Shannon Simpson Hall
Donna Hemken
Nancy Hyam
Mark Brazel
Jim Wreath
Ronda Lawson
Dawn Pezold, Chamber Representative

Alderman Assigned to Committee: Marilyn Sisson



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