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Planning Commission
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In order that adequate provisions be made for the preparation of a comprehensive city plan for the guidance, direction and control of growth and development or redevelopment of the city and contiguous territory not more than one and one half miles beyond the corporate city limits and not included in any municipality, a plan commission, which shall be a department of City Government, is hereby created under authority of law.

Ed Wernsing, Chairman
Judy Dalhaus, Vice-Chair
Pam Voyles
Richard Weiss
Carol Stuttle
Kevin Brumm
John Winans
Jerald Cruthis
Ben Schwab

Ex-Officio Members with the power to vote:
Mayor Steve Dougherty
Economic Development Chairperson Paul Osborne

Plan,Zoning & Building Department Alderman Ray Kellenberger

Meeting Dates - 2017
Monday, January 16
Monday, February 13
Monday, March 13
Monday, April 10
Monday, May 8
Monday, June 12
Monday, July 10
Monday, August 14
Monday, September 18
Monday, October 9
Monday, November 13
Monday, December 11

Meetings are held once a month at 7:00 p.m. at Corwin Hall. Please note that all meetings are open to the public.


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