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Economic Development Commission
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The Economic Development Commission was created as an agency of the City of Litchfield and they have the powers and duties prescribed for it by ordinance and the Illinois Revised Statutes.

The Commission has sixteen members divided into two classes and each member shall have the qualifications set forth in the ordinance. Members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council for a term of four years with expiration of terms being staggered. The Commission meets monthly or in special session as needed.

The Commission has thirteen Class 1 members and three Class 2 members. Class 1 members are persons of outstanding ability and integrity and must reside or have business within or not more than one and one-half miles from the corporate limits. They have full voting powers, and can not hold any municipal office or position other than the Commission membership. Class 2 members, at the time of appointment, are duly elected members of the City Council of Litchfield and have no voting powers.

The Commission recommends to the Council its opinion as to industrial development or economic development in the Industrial Parks that are owned by the City. Proposals for new industrial and economic development projects are reviewed by the Commission. These opinions of the Commission are considered advisory opinions to be acted upon by the City Council.

The Commission was organized in February 1970 and there are still three active commissioners who have served since inception, being recognized for more than thirty years of continuous service.

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