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Carol Burke, City Clerk
Address: 120 East Ryder Street
Phone: (217) 324-8145 or (217) 324-2022

The City Clerk's office provides a wide range of services vital to the operation and welfare of the community. The City Clerk's Office serves as a public information center for the local government and is the first office visited for persons moving to Litchfield to establish water utility service. The office serves as the keeper of official records for the City.

City Clerk's Office Personnel:
Staff of Three

Office of the City Clerk Duties include:

Seals and attests all ordinances, resolutions and contracts of the City.

Keeps all Ordinances and Resolutions indexed and maintains updated codification of Ordinances.

Attends all City Council meetings and keeps official records thereof.

Issues licenses for the sale of liquor, pool table, raffle, music box, cigarettes, coin operated machines, taxi, transient merchant, and food truck sales.

Issues sidewalk and street bond permits.

Issues City registration tags for dogs.

Acts as main accounting department for the City of Litchfield. Oversees payroll, City insurance, and City benefits.

Responsible for billing and collection of resident fees for City water and sewer services.

Handles billing of Lake Lou Yaeger lease payments and fire protection contracts.

Staff members are deputy registrars for voter registration in Montgomery County.

The City Clerk is elected by the residents of the City of Litchfield for a four year term.


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