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News Title Street Improvements Being Made


The Litchfield Street Department will oil and chip the roads listed below during the week of August 25th. Weather permitting, the work will take place on Tuesday, August 26th and Wednesday, August 27th. Please follow the flagmen’s instructions; traffic will be limited during this process. City Staff appreciates the cooperation and anticipates the work to be completed in two days.

• West Lake Trail

• Arrowhead Circle – Arrowhead Lane to Dead End

• Arrowhead Lane – Beach House to Arrowhead Trail

• Locust Street – Ryder to Clark

• Fisher Street – Franklin to State

• East St. Johns – Illinois to Jackson

• Cherokee Street – McKinley to Walnut

• West St. Johns – Clinton to Lincoln

• Jefferson Street – Union to Clark

• Corwin Street – Adams to Monroe

• Douglas Street – Tyler to Columbia

• Montgomery Street – Columbia to Dead End