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News Title 9.18.2017 Plan Commission Public Meeting Agenda

1. Call the Public Meeting to order.

2. Roll call of members.

Present Absent

Carol Stuttle ______ _______

Jerald Cruthis ______ _______

John Winans ______ _______

Ben Schwab ______ _______

Richard Weiss ______ _______

Kevin Brumm ______ _______

Pam Voyles ______ _______

Judy Dalhaus ______ _______

Ed Wernsing ______ _______

Ron Norris ______ _______

Mayor Steve Dougherty ______ _______

3. New Business.

A. A motion to recommend to City Council, the approval of the annexation of a property located at 101 W. Sallee Street, Litchfield, Illinois.

B. Action on a petition requesting an Amendment (Zoning Change) to allow a change in the current Zoning of (A-1) Agricultural to a Zoning of (M-F) Multi-Family for an Assisted Living Facility with the street address of 101 W. Sallee Street, Litchfield, Illinois, pending City Council approval on annexation of the property.

4. Approval of July 10, 2017 Public Meeting/Public Hearing Minutes.

Old business:

Other business:

5. Adjourn September 18, 2017 Plan Commission Meeting.