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News Title 9.18.2017 Plan Commission Public Hearing Agenda

1. Call the Public Hearing to order.

2. Roll call of members.

Present Absent

Carol Stuttle ______ _______

Jerald Cruthis ______ _______

John Winans ______ _______

Ben Schwab ______ _______

Richard Weiss ______ _______

Kevin Brumm ______ _______

Pam Voyles ______ _______

Judy Dalhaus ______ _______

Ed Wernsing ______ _______

Ron Norris ______ _______

Mayor Steve Dougherty ______ _______

3. Recognition of guests.

4. Public Hearing.

A. Information for annexation of property at 101 W. Sallee Street, Litchfield, Illinois.

B. Consideration of a petition that has been received by the Plan Commission, City of Litchfield requesting an Amendment (Zoning Change) to allow a change in the current Zoning of (A-1) Agricultural to a Zoning of (M-F) Multi-Family for an Assisted Living Facility with the street address of 101 W. Sallee Street, Litchfield, Illinois.

5. A motion to adjourn the Public Hearing.