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News Title Litchfield Zoning Meeting November 4, 2013


Zoning Board of Appeals

City of Litchfield

Litchfield, Illinois

November 4, 2013

7:00 P. M.

1. Call the meeting to order.

2. Roll call.

Present Absent

Brian Hollo ______ ______

Donna Throne ______ ______

Kent Wolff ______ ______

William Bergen ______ ______

Dave Rovey ______ ______

Roy Simmermaker ______ ______

Reggie Waldrup ______ ______

3. Introduce new Zoning Board Member.

4. Recognize guest.

5. Approve June 13, 2013 Minutes.

6. New business.

A. Select a vice chairman. (Fill the remainder of the term of John Lueker who resigned)

B. Set meeting dates for 2014.

7. Old business.

8. Other business.

A. Information of proposed amendments.

B. Explanation and handouts of amendments approved by the City of Litchfield.

C. Possible future public hearing on variances for Latter Rain Ministries.

D. Findings of Facts for Action Power Sports.

E. Certificate of Completion (Open Meetings Act)

9. Correspondence.

10. Adjourn meeting.