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News Title Roberts Cemetery Savanna

Roberts Cemetery Savanna, an Illinois Nature Preserve
Take Honeybend Avenue east out of Honeybend to East Fifth Road, south to Cemetery Road. Sign at entrance reads: "This natural area has been formally dedicated as a sanctuary for native vegetation and wildlife. It is maintained in its natural condition so that present and future generations can see the Illinois Landscape as it appeared to the pioneers.

This living example of our natural heritage is also valuable for scientific studies in ecology, geology, soil science, and natural history and may provide habitat for rare plants and animals." Established in 1986, the savanna was dedicated on June 14, 1987. Said to contain 182 native plants, the cemetery is now not used. The earliest know burial is that of James H. Roberts, son of J. Roberts on March 2, 1816, two years before Illinois became a state. The last burial was that of Margaret N. Gordon, born in 1853 who died in 1933. Some 133 graves are located in the cemetery, formerly known as the Hart cemetery. The name was changed to avoid confusion with a cemetery of the same name in South Litchfield Township. An inventory of the graves is located in the genealogy room in the Litchfield Carnegie Public Library.