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Lake Lou Yaeger
4313 Beach House Trail
Phone (217) 324-5832

Litchfield is the home of Lake Lou Yaeger; a 1,400 acre multi-purpose lake located 2 miles northeast of downtown Litchfield. Lake Yaeger was constructed primarily as a water supply lake for the City of Litchfield and as a flood control structure, to protect downstream farmland from frequent flooding.

Lake Lou Yaeger also provides recreational opportunities to the citizens of Litchfield and the surrounding communities. Lake Lou Yaeger has 1,400 surface acres of water, has 45 miles of shoreline, approximately 100 square miles of drainage area and is approximately seven miles long. Information on Lake Lou Yaeger may be obtained by calling (217) 324-5832 or writing to Lake Lou Yaeger 4313 Beach House Trail Litchfield, IL. 62056.

Lake Lou Yaeger has four full time employees to operate and maintain the lake area. One employee serves as a clerk and handles sales of camping leases, boat permits and gasoline sales. During the summer months, there are normally eight to ten seasonal employees to lifeguard at Milnot Beach and to staff the beach house. We have three maintenance personnel to mow and maintain the park areas.