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News Title Fire Protection Outside City Limits

Fire protection will be furnished upon application and approval to premises outside of the City on the following fee basis:

1) All manufacturing plants employing 200 or more people, $1,000 per year
2) All manufacturing plants employing less than 200 people, $500 per year
3) All mobile home trailer parks and campgrounds open 12 months per year, $1,000 per year
4) All mobile home trailer parks and campgrounds open seasonally, $500 per year
5) All farm equipment dealers, $500 per year
6) All bowling alleys, $500 per year
7) All nursing homes, $1,000 per year
8) All country clubs, $280 per year
9) All civic not-for-profit clubs, $50 per year
10) All residences, $100 per year
11) All farms and outbuildings, $160 per year
12) All other business premises, $150 per year
13) All homes at Lake Lou Yaeger on lots hereafter sold by the City and all other existing homes upon transfer from the present owner, $100 per year

In addition to the annual charge, the application and approval therefor shall state that the applicant shall pay a flat rate of $500 in each and every instance where equipment of the City is called for fire protection by any owner of premises entitled to fire protection hereunder.