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News Title Snow Removal/Ice Control Plan

Ice control and snow removal are constantly changing operations. Each storm is different making it difficult to have hard fast set standards. Our street responsibilities have changed over the years with the addition of the new jurisdictional transfer and the new west side commercial development, the change is even greater. The goal of this plan is to have all the streets clean, passable and safe within 10 hours after it has stopped snowing.

Plowing will commence after two inches of accumulation has occurred. Ice control will commence immediately after buildup begins or before buildup if we are aware of the approaching storm.

We have eleven pieces of snow and ice removal equipment. We have seven trucks equiped with plows and spreaders, on pick-up with a salt spreader, a grader with plowblade and two backhoes. The grader, pick-up, and two backhoes are used for clearing downtown and City owned parking lots. The seven trucks with plows and spreaders have designated routes for snow and ice removal.

Some streets will be designated as arterial streets and others as connector streets. The remainder will be designated as residential streets. A list of the designations is attached to this plan.

Each truck will give priority to any industrial complex in their area and to schools if they are in session. For an average (category one) snow fall with average accumulations and light winds and little drifting, we will treat all streets with the same priority.

For category two storms that have high winds and drifting and the plow cannot keep up with all streets we will concentrate our efforts on arterial and connector streets. Arterial streets will be pushed back to curb or ditch line, whichever is applicable. Connector streets will get one pass in each direction. The goal of category two snow removal is to keep streets passable so no resident has more than two blocks to go to get to a clean and passable street.

In the event we have a category three storm with heavy accumulation and heavy drifting snow we will concentrate our efforts on the arterial streets with the connector streets receiving attention as allowable by the storm. After the storm is under control all streets will be pushed back to the curb or ditch line.

Ice control is a different operation. The best defense to ice is prevention instead of removal. If we are aware of an approaching storm we will salt major intersections and the downtown area before the ice forms. Pretreating helps prevent the ice from adhering to the road surface and makes the removal easier, cheaper, and safer. Salt will be used on all streets. Fly ash will be used as an additive to the salt if needed.

Police Assistance to Ice and Snow Removal

If the Street Department is on the job they have a plowing plan to follow and are probably aware of slick and difficult areas. They will not need unnecessary direction from the Police Department. If there is a special need, such as a nursing home, hospital, ambulance, elderly person needing special aid or if the Police and Fire Departments need to respond we will need that information so we can assist. We will need Police personnel to help clear cars from the designated snow routes. We will need to be notified if an unexpected storm hits or if we are not on duty when road conditions worsen. The Street Department Superintendent will conduct operations from the Street Department Complex.