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News Title Brush Disposal

Brush/Branch Disposal Policy

The City of Litchfield has established a Branch Pickup Program. Each Ward will have branches picked up at the curb during the first week of the scheduled monthly pick-up.

The schedule is as follows:
Ward 1 & 2 - April/October
Ward 3 & 4 - May/November

Residents not sure which ward they are in can check the most recent voter registration cards, call City Hall at (217) 324-5253 or call (217) 324-4716.

Residents are asked to place branches at the curb no later than the first day of pick-up. Branches are to placed in front of homes by the side of the street, not in alleys and they must be accessible and away from fences, overhanging limbs and away from utility structures.

City crews will pass by each street once during the designated time. During storms or other emergencies as determined by the Street Superintendent or his designee, the Public Works Crew will pick up as needed.