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The department has a plan in place for the improvement and paving of city streets. The magnitude of the annual program is governed directly by the amount of motor fuel tax, allotted the City of Litchfield, that is collected and distributed by the State of Illinois. We plan to improve streets by overlayment with a bituminous material to smooth out the high and low areas and also to chip and seal other streets to add longevity to the surface. The department has the equipment to do the work using city employees, lowering the cost and allowing more streets to be completed.

In preparation of the Street Improvement Plan, all ditches are cleaned, reshaped and new culverts replaced where needed. During winter months when snow and ice are of a major concern, we pride ourselves in the way we are able to provide fast and dependable service. We have eleven snow and ice removal pieces of equipment that work around the clock to insure roads are open and traffic concerns are kept to a minimum. Having snow and ice free streets allows merchants to conduct business and attract shoppers from other areas and allows for minimal interruptions to the citizen's quality of life.