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John Rogers, Street Superintendent
Address: 104 N. Illinois
Phone: (217) 324-4716

Department Overview

The Litchfield Public Works Department is a staff of fifteen dedicated to the safety, comfort and well being of the citizens of Litchfield. It is the responsibility of the department to oversee the construction and maintenance of the infra-structure of the City of Litchfield to insure a high quality of life for the citizens they serve.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of forty plus miles of water and sewer lines and fifty plus miles of streets and related drainage systems. The department has a van truck equipped to handle any thing necessary for the maintenance and repairs of the mains and sewers. The department will repair faulty water services lines between the main and the property line at no cost to the customer. Sewer service line maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. The department also provides new road improvements and upgrades the drainage systems.

Street Department Employees include:

John Rogers
Bill Meyer
Greg Wilson, MEO2
Heath Hancock, MEO2
Matt Law, MEO2
Dennis Feldman, MEO2
John Renner, MEO2
Jerry Hall, MEO2
Curt Evans, MEO2
Jeremiah Beckham, MEO2
Randy Hancock, CSO MEO2
David Lindsay, MEO2
John Fenton, CSO MEO1
Troy Throne, Water Technician