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The City of Litchfield is a progressive community dedicated to improving quality of life for all its citizens, and will vigorously protect and enhance the aesthetic and environmental quality of the entire community.

We believe the City of Litchfield is a product of the past responsible for the future. Drawing from the past will allow for the shaping of a bright future.

The City of Litchfield recognizes its responsibilities to provide those services that are beyond the means of the individual citizen, and the guarantee of safety, well-being and protection of local residents and their property rights.

The City of Litchfield realizes community strength evolves from its citizens, schools, health care facilities, churches, libraries, recreation facilities, civic organizations, and other institutions. Consequently, this community must be in support and harmony with each and every institution and must strive to be a balanced, diversified and economically viable community.

The City of Litchfield recognizes the importance of and encourages volunteerism of its citizens.

The City of Litchfield encourages youth involvment and participation in all areas of service by attempting to include student advisory positions on all its governing boards.