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The people of Litchfield welcome you. On their behalf, I feel honored to have you come to our community by way of this website. Hopefully, after going through our many departments of interest, you will find that we are a community that takes great pride in who we are and what we represent.

Our industries are representatives of the type of growth potential we have here in Litchfield. Because of their willingness to incorporate in Litchfield, we have had the pleasure of completely filling one industrial park and have had to build a second one in which we have two buildings already built.

The school facilities in our community we feel are second to none. The high school is a brand new building of modernistic design both inside and outside. Technology has been a high priority in the education of our youth. The outdoor facilities of a new football field, soccer field, all weather track, baseball field, and new practice facilities show that the education process is not one dimensional.

We have the luxury of three lakes in our city. Each one is different in their uses. Our largest of these, Lake Lou Yaeger, is used by people from as far away as St. Louis, Missouri. Boating, fishing, camping, swimming and general outdoor recreation is available.

People that live in Litchfield have the convenience of driving less than one hour on Interstate 55 to either Springfield, Illinois or St. Louis, Missouri to enjoy larger metro areas and are still be able to have small town living available to them.

Litchfield has become the "hub" of the area, which we take great pride. Because of this our volunteers in Litchfield have been outstanding to step forward and lead the surrounding communities in visions for the future.

LITCHFIELD IS "RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" for anyone who wishes to LIVE or VISIT a friendly and progressive community.